Custom sway bar end links for the Mazda Miata

Until now, every solution for attaching the sway bar to the suspension has made what are to us unacceptable compromises.

The stock, rubber-bushed links bind as the car rolls: this is especially a problem at the rear due to the links' more extreme mounting angles. This increases the rear sway bar rate in a non-linear fashion, which adds to the Miata's tendency for roll-oversteer: in simple terms this means the more the car rolls in a turn, the more the rear end wants to step out.

The aftermarket came up with Heim-jointed end links, but there's a problem there too: the sway bar end is a single-shear mounting point, so just bolting a rod end up to it is not the right way to go. Binding, accelerated wear, and bolts wearing and working loose can be the result.

Here's our solution (actually, we have a few.)

First, we present the heavy-duty solution:

A permanently sealed ball joint threaded to a high-strength Aurora rod end. We originally came up with these for a Miata rally car, so we know they're likely overkill for the street or track. We can make them to any length, so if your car is very low you can still properly adjust your sway bars. This picture is the first prototype set we made, and as you see them here is after six years and several thousand miles of use... many of them on the track, so that's more like dog years (dog miles?) to the average driver. The only drawback to these links is they're expensive due to the cost of the component parts: that led us to...

End Link, Version 2.0:

A more afforable alternative with the same functionality. The ball stud has a dust seal but it's not as permanent as the heavy-duty model, so these will require occasional cleaning and lubrication. This model incorporates a jackscrew which makes on-car adjustments even easier.

Here's a set being tested on the front of our project Miata.

The Version 2.0 and later endlinks are available for $75 per pair.

COMING SOON! Pictures of our Endlink Version 2.5, which allows use of any swaybar (including NB bars) in NA chassis, and out Version "2.Low" for very low cars.

Contact us and we'll build a set for you.